"The Ancient Ways of the Cherokee"
Friday, Jan 24 / 6:00 PM -7:30 PM
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The Ancient Ways of the Cherokee and How we Can Use Them Today
Mark Warren, owner of Medicine Bow Wilderness School in Dahlonega, GA has been teaching nature and survival skills of the Cherokee and Muskogee tribes to adults and children for more than 45 years.

Mark believes today's society can and should learn some valuable lessons and skills from those native people who inhabited the southeastern part of the United States hundreds of years before European explorers ever landed on its shores. He will be discussing how some of the most common native plants and trees were used by the Cherokee and Muskogee for food, medicine, insect repellent, crafts, shelter and fire. Mark will bring along some plants and handmade crafts for viewing and discussion. Read More

120 N. Sterling St. Morganton
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