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"Beauty by Health Workshop"
Saturday, Feb 29th / 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Breathe Yoga & Pilates

About the Workshop:
Holistic is a word that is becoming more common in the beauty and skincare industry. In this workshop you will rediscover skin from a holistic perspective, gaining a better understanding of how what happens inside affects us on the outside, through our skin. You will learn how to incorporate holistic practices into your daily routine to help heal your skin naturally from the inside out. The cost of this workshop is only $10.00.

About Madison:
Madison is an esthetician at LaFrance Wellness where she customizes services to the individual, defined by her belief that everyone’s skin is a little different and therefore deserves special attention. Starting from the inside out, Madison focuses on skin issues that are caused by internal problems with an individual’s body. This is a holistic and natural approach to facial reflexology and is a highly effective method of taking care of your skin.

Sign at Sign up and reserve your spot at www.breatheyogawellness.com/events

115 W Union Street, Morganton
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