"The Heart of the Maiden"
Friday, June 21 & Saturday, June 22
CoMMA / 7:30 PM
Live, On Stage
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We open on a staircase from Heaven as Jehanne La Pucelle, who, after nearly 600 years of history, descends to tell her story. From a teenage farm girl with no power, wealth or education - she would rise to rescue France and bring hope to an entire continent.

Four people, who were passionately devoted to the girl we know as Joan of Arc, join her as her heavenly panel. Each of these individuals brings something special to the table through their literary works. Christine de Pizan of the 15thC, Régine Pernoud, deceased head of the French National Archives, Mark Twain and Winston Churchill all published books detailing the life of Joan of Arc. Mark Twain even went as far as calling Jehanne “the most wonderful human being that had ever lived.”

Born 2/3 of the way through the ravaging of France, during the 100 year’s war, and three years before Henry V’s devastation of France, we experience the joy of her birth, the power of her character, her agony during her five month imprisonment and molestation and her vicious trial.

Le Cœur de La Pucelle (“The Heart of the Maiden”) is a love story . . . continue reading

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