"The ABCs of Santa Barbara Wine Tasting"
Monday, Jan 20 / 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Craft'd / Sip ~ Shop ~ Socialize

The ABCs of Santa Barbara Wine Tasting - Part 3 Deep Red State
It is the 15th anniversary of the movie based on a book written about this region. Santa Barbara, a wine region that lies on the southern edge of the Central Coast of California, started pioneering the notoriously fickle grape, Pinot Noir in the late 60’s. A place where the warm waters of Mexico and cool waters of Alaska meet, where rare marine soil deposits exist creating wines that are not only distinct but world class. Over the decades, an understanding of the climate, the soils, and winemaking techniques, converge to make the region not only unique but an utter stand-out in the world of wine. This three-part tasting series explores the diversity of the region.

Part 3 - Deep Red State, the "other" reds of Santa Barbara
The focus of this tasting is other red varietals from the Santa Barbara area. Going east within the region, Santa Barbara can produce warmer climate red wines with depth and richness. Learn how to identify Cabernet and Syrahs, and other complex red grapes while exploring the “American Viticultural Areas” (AVA) in Santa Barbara that produce these outstanding wines.

Tickets - $30. Includes tasting and light fare.

Reservation needed; Call 828-438-8400 or Email: maryann@craftd-nc.com to confirm.

108 West Union Street, Morganton
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