"Music To Dine By"
Grind Cafe / 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Anita Camarella & Davide Facchini
Over the last ten years, the Duo formed by the evocative voice of Anita Camarella and eclectic fingerstyle guitar David Facchini has been committed to researching, analysing and working-out songs from the "Italian Swing Era" of the '30s and '40s: unforgettable lyrics and music telling of typical Italian-life-experiences and ancdotes of that time.

Call ahead for reservations ASAP! Tickets are $14. Entrees, craft beer and fine wine start at 6:30. Show starts at 7:30 Enjoy chef inspired entrees, craft beer and wine at 6:30 with show at 7:30.

136 W Union Street, Morganton
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