"Paint Pouring"
The Levee Brewery & Pub
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Arts & Crafts is hosting a step-by-step Paint Pouring event at the Levee for newbies and non-artists (and our wonderful regulars too). No experience required! Paint Pouring is a popular method of mixing colorful paints with mediums and then pouring and dripping and swirling those wild colors onto canvas. So fun! So beautiful! Read below for more info on how to make the most of your weekend, and check the event photo to see what the paintings can look like...

Details: This is an awesome art party for all! Everything you'll need will be set up and ready to go when you arrive. I’ll be demonstrating some popular “Paint Pouring” techniques, a method of mixing paints and mediums and then dripping, pouring, and marbling these colorful liquids onto canvas! See some examples in the "discussion section" of this event. After the demo, I’ll be leading everyone step-by-step through the process on their own canvases. Each painter will have 3 canvases to use during the event (two 8x8 squares and an 8x10 rectangle). These paintings are intended for newbies and non-artists (so you can do it! For real. I'd even pinky swear to it). The painting should take about 3 hours (maybe a little more if you take your time), and while we're painting you can snack and chat and partake in some drinks (if that's your fancy)! Now get your tickets, because I can't wait to paint with you!

**You’ll have to leave your paintings to dry on our flat surfaces for a few days, but you’ll be able to pick them up Wed-Sat at the Levee or by special plan with me**

TICKETS: You must pre-pay to participate in this event!! Tickets must be purchased by 10am on 9/07! Tickets are $50 per person and can be purchased via the link below. All the art materials you need will be provided. Please be sure to select and pay for the correct number of seats you'll need. More purchase info on this page: www.artsandcraftshky.com

ARRIVE AT 1:30pm on September 7th to get settled in. WE WILL BEGIN PAINTING AT 2PM!

For comment or to ask questions, Call:: 828.351.6046. Email: info@artsandcraftshky.com

118 Main St W, Valdese, NC 28690
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