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Lets face it, finding a label that reads “Made in the USA” is no longer an easy task.
But it wasn’t always that way. There was a time when the “Made in the USA” label was more the norm than the exception. As a matter of fact, most of the foreign made products we purchased back in the early 60s’ carried a ‘not so complementary’ slogan. The slogan depicted the idea that those foreign made products were mostly junk, very shoddy in construction: an inferior product.

That all began to change, however, in the early 70’s with the introduction of automobiles produced in Japan. Almost overnight it would seem, our automobile industry began to take a major turn for the worse. In the twinkling of an eye, everything changed. We found that we were now the ones producing an inferior product: the Detroit made automobile. Detroit had lost its vision and new car buyers lost confidence. By the tens-of-thousands, Americans began to buy foreign made automobiles and the American economy began to suffer.

While the invasion of foreign made automobiles continued to storm our shores throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Detroit just couldn’t seem to get their act together. They continued to manufacture a product that couldn’t compete in the world marketplace and couldn’t compete at home. The 'quality' that the American consumer demanded was simply not there. Detroit suffered, the steel industry suffered, thousands of supporting industries suffered ~ we all suffered.

There is, most likely, no other industry in this country that has an overall greater impact on our economy than the automotive industry. For our country to remain a world super-power, we had to first find a way to overhaul Detroit. We had to find a way to reintroduce quality back into our automotive industry.

Finally, in the 90’s, the pendulum began to swing back.
Detroit got the message and quality began to return to the American made automobile.
Today, Detroit offers a product that it can truly be proud of and a product that the American people can depend on. But we’re still at a crossroad: while quality has returned, buyer confidence still lags behind.

For the sake of our financial future, we the American consumer need to thoughtfully consider buying American made products and buying American made automobiles once again. After all, our automotive industry is the force that drives our country's economy.

In my lifetime, I have owned twelve automobiles and they were all American made, all products of Detroit: a Rambler American, two Ford Falcons, a Pontiac Tempest, two Oldsmobile Cutlasses, an Oldsmobile Omega, a Dodge Aspen, a Plymouth station wagon, a Chrysler 5th Avenue, a Chevrolet Malibu, and a Buick La Cross.

The single greatest thing we can do to help keep our economy strong is to buy American made products and especially American Made Automobiles.

Help Keep America Strong. Help America move boldly into the 21st century. Buy American made products ~ buy an American made car!
Made In USA

Encourage Someone to Shop Burke County Today and buy Products Made in the USA!.
Shop Burke County today for products made in the USA!

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