Disclaimer of Warranties: “Except for any express warranties and representations stated herein, consultant makes no warranties, expressed or implied and consultant specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.”

Limitation of Damages: “In no event shall consultant be liable under any legal theory for any indirect, special or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profits, either by contract or by tort, even if the consultant has notice of the possibility of such damages.”

Without limiting the effect of the preceding paragraph, Consultant’s maximum liability, if any, for compensatory damages shall not exceed the allocable portion of the price paid for the services rendered and the maximum consequential damage liability of consultant, under any circumstance, shall not exceed the amount which was actually paid by client to the consultant.

Exclusive Remedy: The parties agree that the remedies set forth in this Agreement shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedies available for any breach of this Agreement, including any breach of warranty, expressed or implied.

Entire Agreement: “This agreement supersedes all prior agreements and understandings between the parties, and all prior representations and negotiations, whether written or oral, and is intended by the parties as the complete and exclusive statement of the terms of their Agreement. No modification, addition to, or waiver of any of the terms hereof shall be effective unless in writing and signed by the consultant. “My Web Page, Inc.” reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time with or without cause.