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Golf Tips

Find your own swing tempo!
Swing tempo (speed) varies with each individual and ranges from fast to medium to slow to anything in between. A player who beings to swing faster than normal will have less room for error in the total harmony of the swing, and their game will fall apart more readily if the tempo is further increased.

The following drills are good for helping you achieve your own swing tempo, and once achieved, maintaining it in your game. Get your mind and muscles in a state of relaxation by erasing the blackboard, and putting yourself in your own personal place. Remember not to be in a hurry when swinging from the finish position back to the top of the backswing. Make slow motion swings. Swing back and through to the finish in slow motion. The trick is not allowing yourself to jerk into a fast forward swing. You will feel like you have to fake into a completed finish because the usual momentum to take you there is not present. This drill is particularly good for extremely fast swingers.
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