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MSN Encarta
Learn more about a variety of subjects, browse the categories and access special reports. teacher resources, maps and knowledge games.

Access more than 17,000 articles from the Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia.
Cross-Reference with links to web sites and books.

Find statistics and facts on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history and economics for countries around the world.

Columbia Encyclopedia
Free access to the electronic version of the Bartleby library. Features a select list of literary and reference titles.

IBM Research
Work in all areas of information technology, from physics and cognitive science to leading-edge application research. With Technical Support and Downloads.

Access easy-to-use dictionaries, including medical and language and a thesaurus, along with links to essential reference materials.

Farmers Almanac
One of America's oldest and most treasured publications. Find gardening tips, helpful hints, weather forecasts, and so much more!

Forrester Research
Firm concerns itself primarily with the business impact of the Internet. Clients can access latest research and archives.

Funk and Wagnalls Online
Online searchable encyclopedia.

Info Please
Information Please is the world's largest free reference site. Here you can find facts on thousands of subjects including sports, entertainment, technology, business, education and health.

Marriam Webster Online
Online Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus.

Nielsen NetRatings
Get the information and insight you need at Internet speed from the only global source that provides it all.

Yahoo! Reference
Searchable reference directory sorted by category and subject.