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Lake Norman Business Directory

01.03.08 - 03:31pm :: Tracey

I found a great local website to search. It's How great is it to be able to find local people to help with whatever you need- all at the click of a few keys.
The site has businesses, restaurants, a (very limited)calendar of events, and even coupons.
I dug around on it and found some local businesses that I didn’t even know were here! There are listings for everything from garden centers to heating and air conditioni…

Fishing Part 2

01.03.08 - 08:36am :: Tracey

My family’s bait debate is over. Corn won! Forget the worms when fishing with the kids. The winning combo was bread balls and corn.
Like last month’s fishing expedition, we headed out one Sunday afternoon armed with poles, worms, and the new bait – corn and bread. My son had the brilliant idea to “chum” the water with potato chips to lure the fish in. He’s seen Jaws too many times. The chips brought the carp and catfish up and we plunke…

Christmas In Davidson

12.08.07 - 08:15am :: Tracey

It was 36 degrees Saturday night when we headed over to Christmas in Davidson. Despite my inclination to sit by the fire, we braved the cold for the 5th year in a row to attend my favorite Christmas venue around the lake. The town of Davidson is quaint, but during Christmas in Davidson it is transformed into a Dickens-era delight, complete with horse drawn carriage rides. For us, it is the start of the holiday season, despite the local Targ…

Fishing Part 1

11.26.07 - 10:42am :: Tracey

Stopped by the gas station, put $3 in the bait machine – yes – bait machine, and headed out to the lake. For those of you not from our area, we have machines sort of like Coke machines that dispense live bait. Really. Stick in $3 and a white Styrofoam cup drops down with a dozen worms wiggling around in nice black dirt. $3 also gets you a dozen live crickets, but I won’t touch those jumping things so we took a pass and went for a worm-only…