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(Product Manufactored by CROSLEY Exclusively for Hammacher Schlemmer)
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  1. Christmas Present
    I purchased this as a Christmas present for my father, to replace his old record player. It was listed as "NEW" but we have since discovered that this model has not been made since 2018, and the unit I purchased was apparently either a defective return that was simply taped up and resold or was a "reconditioned" unit that was not fixed. The lid was warped; the tape deck doesn't work well; the screw that locks the turntable in place for shipping had already been loosened; the rubber mat for the turntable was missing; and the turntable resets before the end of a record's side. My father was reluctant to tell me anything was wrong but he eventually became frustrated enough that he let me know there was a problem. When I contacted Hammacher Schlemmer customer service regarding any possibility of fixing or replacing the unit, I was referred to Crosley for the repairs (I eventually received a reply after a month) and told that if I wanted to return it to Hammacher Schlemmer for a refund, I would have to pay the shipping. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could give this product and Hammacher Schlemmer less than 1 star I would. Duane

  2. Donít Bother
    Had two of these. The first one was DOA (Dead On Arrival) - standby light turned on when plugged in, but no other buttons worked. Sent it back for a replacement. Replacement worked fine and was able to record from record and cassette. Died within a week. The standby light went out and re-plugging would not get the unit to power up. Getting a refund. This would be a good recorder if you could actually get one that works and continues to work KFT.

  3. Really disappointed in this product. Returned.
    Received a factory-defect...had to send back but why am I to be charged for returning a defective merchandise ??? Joyce

  4. Would not buy this product again
    It did not work consistently and the buttons to push are hard to read. It worked one day, but not the next. We are returning it for a refund. Cary

  5. NEVER
    HORRIBLE product. Out of the box it didn't work. It does NOT copy a cassette as advertised. None of the buttons worked and my blank CD being trapped inside was still there when I returned it to HS. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT Richard

  6. Can't Copy From Cassette to CD
    Bought it to convert old cassettes to CD. It does not work. Have tried multiple CDs and cassettes. Note: the cassette player works, the CD player works, and the radio works (haven't tried the record player yet). So, it looks like the separate components work. But, when I try to copy from a cassette to a CD, it fails-repeatedly. John

    This is my second one - first was totally defective, it would not record a tape or an album. My second one is somewhat defective: it will record both an album and or a cassette BUT the FINALIZE process (so the cd can be played on other players is at best intermittent, so it is basically useless... George

  8. Buyer Beware
    I was unaware that I purchased a discontinued product. It is not supported by the manufacturer any more problems with this unit I received. Very disappointed. Mark

  9. I cannot recommend "The LP/Cassette to CD..." Converter.
    I purchased this product because it claimed to be able to convert vinyl (and cassette) recordings to Compact Disc recordings (CD-R). Initially the product was able to convert a blank CD to a CD that could play back in the product itself, but when it was placed in a commercial CD player, it displayed 'no disc' and would not play. I called Hammacher Schlemmer and was given advice: turn off the power and restart. I did this, but without effect. I then approached the program "Just Answer" and was advised to purchase a CD Lens Cleaner. I did so, ran the cleaner, and tried to copy a vinyl disc. (to CD+R, CD-R, and CD-RW discs). All failed. I was advised to return the product for a refund. This was disappointing, as the quality of the recording on the CDs was good, but useless as it could not be played back except by the product itself. Peter

  10. I would not buy this product again
    I received the LP/Cassette to CD Audio Enhancing Converter after a year of thinking about the purchase. I was very excited to receive the item. I unpacked the item and followed the instructions. The first day, the CD worked just fine. From then on it began to spin and not play the CDs that it had for a day. I tried about 10 CDs and the CD would start off ok then just spin and not play. I returned the item and will not purchase something that expensive ever again by catalogue as the shipping to/from was wasted money for me after saving for it. Holley

  11. No, I will NOT buy this product again
    I ordered this product specifically to record my music from cassettes to CD. It did not work. First the cassette tape was hard to insert in its compartment. Then when recording; it sounded like the tape was moving very fast making a streaking sound. That is the sound that got recorded, not my normal music. I tried couple of times, then gave up and returned the unit. I paid for them to ship it to me and now I have to pay for shipping it back to them. I don't think I will buy anything from them again. Baljit

  12. Great look and sound, but converter didn't seem to work.
    I wanted this product specifically to convert cassette tapes which cannot be replaced onto C.D.'s. I was happily surprised by the nice wood cabinet housing this unit. It's sound quality for radio, cassettes, and commercially produced disks was also quite good. But no matter how many times I reread the instructions and followed them I could not get a C.D. recorded. I tried several new blank C.D.'s to make sure they were not causing the problem. As some of the tapes were made by freas who have since passed away I was disappointed that I could not save them by transferring them to disk. But if you are interested ina very nice piece of furniture and good sound quality for playing already made items you will enjoy this product. Teresa

  13. I would seek a different product next time
    I am not pleased with the quality for the price. Terry

  14. Would not purchase this particular model again.
    Very crude and incomplete instructions for the operation. Purchased this pc. of equipment to make CDs from large vinyl collection. To be able to play them in my vehicles, work area and give away was the goal. Very poor directions... "finalizing" the CD was a random act and often doesn't work. Discs will not play on other machines or in the vehicles. Not a very happy camper. For the money, I expected a bit more than what was delivered. Shern

  15. I would not buy again
    The sound is not as good as expected. The workmanship is cheap. Overpriced. James

  16. I will think twice before buying anything else from Hammcher

  17. Had to send it back for another one.
    None of the cassette buttons work. Couldn't transfer cassette to CD. Waiting for a new one. Joanne

  18. Note:
    The name "Hammacher Schlemmer" does NOT appear anywhere on this product. The only name that appears on the unit itself is "CROSLEY" located on the inside cover. The only name that appears on the maunal is "CROSLEY." The only name that appears on the box the product was shipped in is "CROSLEY." And the only name that appears on the Warranty Card" is CROSLEY."

    Something to think about next time when considering an upcoming purchase, whether or not to buy a product manufactured by CROSLEY

    *In all fairness, some "good" reviews do appear on the Hammacher Schlemmer website. However, is it not a a fairly common practice to pay people to post "good reviews?" Consumer Beware!

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