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This page is designed to give a brief overview of our member association. All companies having a listing in the Business Directory (Deluxe, Standard or Basic Listing) are invited to join the association.
There are No Fees. Membership is based on Participation and members have the opportunity to enjoy numerous incentives & rewards. Each member will have their own unique User Name and Password to access a secure Member Page. Members will also be able to enjoy an interactive Bulletin Board exclusively for their use.

Members may submit an article that they believe will be beneficial to other members. The article should be informational and not a company ad. SLN will build a Banner Ad for the company submitting an article, if that article is posted. The Banner Ad will appear near the top of the article, and the Banner Ad will link to their website.

Classified Ads
Deluxe and Standard Directory Members are entitled to FREE personal Deluxe Classified Ads:
  • Three Ads per year for Deluxe Directory Members
  • One Ad per year for our Standard Directory Members
Directory Listing
Our Deluxe Directory Members now have the option of maintaining their own listing.
It is the desire of SLN to keep the directory up to date and we will always make necessary corrections for all of our members at No Cost.

Discounted Advertising
SLN Members will enjoy discounted advertising options per the following schedule:
  • List less 40% to Deluxe Directory Members
  • List less 25% to Standard Directory Members
  • List less 10% to Basic Directory Members
From time to time, we all learn of a product or service being sought by someone we know. SLN encourages our associate members to share this information with another member. We ask that a member send their lead via email to an appropriate member and send a copy to SLN will build a Banner Ad for the member providing the lead and we will host their Banner Ad for 30-days on our Photo Gallery page and/or our Discount Coupons page. Banner Ads will be part of an iFrame Block that may be shared by other members. When a member is not sure who could benefit from their lead, we suggest that they consider posting the information in the Bulletin Board. This service is designed to be used exclusively by our members.

Discount Coupons
Offering Discount Coupons is a powerful way to bring new clients to a wide variety of business establishments. SLN will build and host a Discount Coupon in exchange for the referral of either:
  • One New Deluxe Member, or
  • Three New Standard Directory Listing Members
Along with their coupon, SLN will provide 30-Days of premier Advertising Space* on our Home Page for their referral(s). Ads will be located within an iFrame block and space may be shared, on a rotation basis, with other members qualifying for that space.
*Members May Select An Optional Pay Per Referral Plan

Other Member's Discounts
Members have the option to participate in this program by providing a Special Service or Discount exclusively to other members. SLN will provide a link from the member offering the discount to their website. SLN plans to make available Plastic Membership Cards sometime in the near future.

Networking Events
SLN plans to host one or more networking events each year exclusively for our members.

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