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Imagine One Organization covering the entire lake, representing all business: an organization affordable enough to allow all businesses to participate. An organization that will direct a significant portion of its revenue into advertising, including: television, radio and media print.

Your help is needed
You can be instrumental in helping to make the Shop Lake Norman Association of Businesses a reality.

We are looking for a few financial backers. These backers will become our Platinum Members and they will enjoy ad space on the home page of our Official Web Site. This space will be in the form of an iFrame Block that will display 1-of-8 blocks, on a rotation basis. Ad size can be either Full, Half or Quarter block listings.
The Block will have a full 5-Year Duration.
  • Full Block    $5,000oo

  • Half Block   $2,750oo

  • 1/4 Block    $1,500oo
A $100oo non-refundable deposit will secure a block and these funds will be placed in an escrow account. When five blocks have been sold, Platinum Members will receive notification so we can begin our campaign. Balance due can be paid in full or divided into ten equal payments. The final payment would be less the
$100oo deposit.
(In the event that we are unable to secure a minimum of five total blocks sold by July 30, 2006, all deposits will be refunded.)

All funds will be reserved exclusively for first-year promotion of the association, normal operating expenses, and to fund a one-year base salary for two sales representatives who will work on a salary plus commission basis.

To have an exclusive, non-compete industry listing, a company can elect to purchase a full block ad for $7,500oo. One company can have exclusive use of the iFrame Block by purchasing all eight blocks.

Ride The Wave
With One Very Affordable Investment, Your Company will be able to Ride The Wave for the next Five Years! Space is limited and interested parties should contact us immediately by email or by calling 704-545-0219.

Platinum Members will be posted below upon receipt of their deposit. At that time, their Ad will also be included on our Home Page iFrame Block.

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