Our VIZIO 42" Flat Screen LCD High Definition TV ~ L42HDTV10A
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Subject: VIZIO TV ~ Fields of Pixel Discoloration
On or about April 27, 2007, we bought a VIZIO 42" Flat Screen LCD TV ~ L42HDTV10A. For the first several months, we were happy with our purchase. Then, approximately twelve months after making the purchase (possibly still within or just after warranty expiration) we started to experience fields of pixel discoloration. As time progressed, the problem intensified. Because this was a rather new television, we did not believe that the problem was our TV but rather a poor signal from the area cable provider. Therefore, we did not initiate any warranty service requests. Rather, we contacted our cable provider and they responded on no less than three different and separate service calls over the next three months.

Reluctantly, we finally had to conclude that the problem was, in fact, within our TV set.

We contacted VIZIO on, or about, August 15, 2008. They advised us that the TV was no longer in warranty but they had a program that we might be interested in. The program was being offered through their Independent Service Provider, ITI INDUSYS TECHNOLOGY INC. For $375.00, they would send a control board they felt would correct the problem: the part would be sent to a local independent technician who would service our TV in our home. We agreed to this service, filled out their forms and faxed them back on August 20, 2008. Within about ten days, we were contacted by an area technician located 70 miles away. Service on our TV was done on/or about September 23 ~ a full month after we signed-up for service. However, upon installing the new board, we found that the problem had not been resolved. On October 8th, the original tech returned with new parts. However, after taking the back off the TV, to start the second service call, he found that the parts sent to him did not match the corresponding parts in the TV. The local tech called ITI from our telephone. The explanation given by the ITI tech was that two different sets of parts were listed for our serial number. We were assured by the ITI tech that he would get back with us promptly, possibly within 24-to-48 hours. When a full week had passed without hearing anything, we initiated yet another call.

On Wednesday, October 15, 2008, ITI, the authorized agent for VIZIO, offered to refund us $200.00: the remainding $175.00 for a service call(s) being non-refundable. We were told that parts for our now just 18-month old TV were no longer available ~ a scenario we find very hard to accept. We believe that a reputable manufacturer would make spare parts available for a reasonable amount of time after the sale: at least 5-to-7 years. Apparently, VIZIO and ITI did not want to be bothered with us any further.

Our suggestion to anyone considering buying a new TV is to avoid VIZIO at a retailer near you! For evening viewing, we are back to watching our 18 year old ~ 25" Sharp television while we do our replacement research ~ research that, needless to say, no longer includes VIZIO.

-a dissatisfied VIZIO customer-

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