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Swap Facebook ‘Like Us’ Program

BurkeLiving.com is offering other Burke County Businesses a “Swap 'Like Us' on Facebook” program with Special Bonus Incentives Added:

  • Each party agrees to “Like” the other business’s Facebook page.

  • As an extra incentive, BurkeLiving.com will provide an advertisement block (275px X 550px) highlighting your business, at no cost. Your ad will run for one month on our home page in rotation with up to 24 other block ads. You have the choice to have your ad “point” to either your website or your Facebook page.

  • Agree to “Share” our “Burke Living” Facebook page with at least 5 of your “Friends” and we will give you a second month free: you choose the month you want your banner to run, placement based on availability. All ads must run within this calendar year - 2018.

  • Special Discount: Businesses that participate in our “Swap” program will automatically receive a 20% discount on all future ads, once this promotion has ended.
Block ads will be built to your specifications. Ads can be submitted by you for inclusion but must fit our pixel height and width requirements. Ads ‘rotate” every 5 seconds. At the end of each day, the “Last” ad in rotation will be moved to the “First” ad position.

Note: Ads that currently appear are there for 'illustrative purposes only' and will be replaced with your banner ad.

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