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Causby: Take a stand for God in our nation

     by Chelsea L. Causby

Morganton, NC --

In a recent news article I read about the conflict of keeping prayer not only in our work environment but also in our school systems. At a high school in Cranston, R.I., a parent filed a complaint that the school banner contained a prayer and demanded it to be taken off. The stories just keep coming out of the media and it is absolutely outrageous.

If America can have gay rights and abortion movements, then why can’t Christians have prayer movements? Can someone please explain to me what’s so bad about praying for a fellow employee, a sick classmate or our nation? Our school systems have become completely immoral by teaching us that being gay is now a “lifestyle” or “a way of life” and that it’s OK to say, “Hey, I’m gay and proud of it.” The Bible is not taught. Kids have no morals anymore. Everyone wonders why kids these days go out and shoot half the people in their schools; it’s because no one is teaching sin anymore! Kids think it’s OK to go out and do whatever they please because, hey, if it feels right do it.

America no longer is standing on the principles of God, but on a shaking pedestal of corruption. This is why America is crumbling bit by bit. No one is looking to God for help, but to our president for he said he said he would give us “change.” The only thing I have yet seen a change in is our religious freedom that has been taken away from us. This is so sickening to see. If other movements can stand under what the First Amendment says, then, under God, we Christians should be able to do also. Here I sit, seeing that nothing is being done. It’s time for us Christians to stand up and fight for what we believe in. It’s time for a change — not the “Obama” way, but God’s way, for our founding fathers did build this nation on the principles of God. If teachers are going to teach evolution, then the creation by God should be taught also. Some say that you cannot prove that God is real, but how can you prove that we came from a monkey? As Christians we should have the right to exercise our faith, especially in the school systems.

If someone doesn’t like it, then fine, don’t participate. After all this is America, where you have “freedom.” I mean, that is why prayer was taken out of school, because it was offensive to some people. What’s going to be next? Taking the word “Christian” out of “Christian private schools?” I will no longer sit here and take this garbage that the world and media is feeding out. My fellow Christians, take a stand for God instead of sitting on your couch doing nothing but wishing and wishing you could stop this corruption in our schools, communities and nation. One of our duties in life is to take a stand, make a difference and work for what you believe in.

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