About Our Directory

Our goal is to encourage Burke County residents to Shop Burke County and thereby support local area businesses.

This site is in the process of building a directory that will offer our visitors a comprehensive user-friendly business directory service covering all of Burke County - get a listing today. Residents will soon have a convenient, highly dynamic service; while businesses enjoy a low-cost resource that can include all their company information, as well as hot-links to web, email & mapquest ~ their listing can even include a photo slide show. Think of our directory as a full web page that has been compressed into a slightly smaller space. Our introductory rates* are so low, we don't mind publishing them on the web.

* Clients enjoy a locked-in rate that will never increase, as long as there is no lapse in service

- This Is Not Your Ordinary Directory Service! -

Our Main Directory allows visitors to conduct a local search by category & location for the products and services they are wanting to find. When only one listing is located within a search parameter, our internal search engine will bypass the listing and take them directly to that company's web site ~ if one exists. Platinum or Gold Membership Required.

Our Main Directory will locate any business that has provided us with a complete street address. Companies that have not provided us with a complete address can still be found by going to one of our alternate directories: by , by Company Name or by Contact Name.

No Web Site? No Problem! We can build a Dedicated Page(s) for you and host it on this site. Want your own web site?
My Web Page, parent company of BurkeAlive.com, is a provider of affordable custom-built web sites that the client can maintain!
    Business Owners, we offer 4 different membership levels:
  1. Platinum Membership - $149.95/year*
  2. Gold Membership - $74.95/year*
  3. Silver Membershiop - $37.50/year*
  4. Bronze - FREE Basic Listing.
Compare All 4 Memberships Side-by-Side
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