MOBILE Services, Inc.
1006 East Union St., Morganton

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"Providing the Service you want & should expect" is more than just a motto, it's a way of life for MOBILE Services, Inc. of Morganton.

The business was started by John & Sharlene Hippie in August 2013, out of the back of their Dodge Caravan. As the business grew, they had to move the business: first, into their garage; then, to a 20' x l0' storage building; then, to the old airport hanger by Judges BBQ Restaurant; then, to a 1,700 square foot building on West Union Street. Today, they occupy a new 5,000 square foot facility located at 1006 East Union Street, just east of downtown Morganton, NC.

Mobile Services Inc. started out by selling first-aid supplies and safety supplies. It wasn't long before the company started selling janitorial supplies as well. Then, commercial cleaning, specialty cleaning and facility maintenance services were added. After that, food service

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products were added followed by fire extinguisher and emergency lighting, sales and service. Their company now provides exhaust hood cleaning along with inspections and services for our fire suppression systems.

When Mobile Services Inc. started to grow, we looked for opportunities to assist the business financially. However, there were no loans available, or any other incentives available to us, since it was a new business. Through tireless research and inquiries for assistance, the company was always turned down even for grants. The first 4 years of the business, 100% of all profits were put back into the business and no wages were taken from the business. This was pivotal in the growth and success for the company.

Today, Mobile Services Inc. owns a fleet of two delivery vans, two light delivery trucks and two trailers. With these vehicles, they bring to you the supplies and services you require. Of course, they are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

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