Team Wooha
Wooha = Water = Life
bicycling across the Unite States . . .
for a good cause

The Goal
Two young men, best friends since childhood and both from Drexel, have just completed a 3850 mile trek across America. Karey Digh and Cam Bumgardner made this ride to help educate and raise awareness for the need of clean drinking water for the people of Ethiopia.

Only One out of Four people in Ethiopia have access to clean drinking water. The other 59,000,000 people spend a significant part of every day searching for water, any water ~ often, the only water they can find is water we wouldn't consider using for anything, including the washing of our automobiles.

The Journey
Starting from Nags Head, NC on May 30, 2011, the team began their 62 day long journey west that would eventually end with them crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Along the way, the team met several warm & friendly people, saw many interesting places and rode thru some unbelievably beautiful countryside. Evenings were spent at campgrounds or an occasional Inn or motel, sometimes off the regular beaten path.

As you might guess, a trip of this magnitude took a lot of planning and support. This help came from two other team members who kept a rather low-profile: Jared Taft, Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator; and Amy Bumgarner, Transportation Expert who drove her car the entire distance. She was there to offer food, water, and other assistance wherever needed.

Every day, Karey and Cam reported their journey via an online blog that included pictures and insightful details of that days' events. On any given day, the team would ride 70-to-100 miles or more. Hard to imagine what they endured: there was a day in Kansas when they rode 106 miles with a heat index of 126 degrees - Unbelievable!

For a complete recap of their two month venture, visit their blog at

The Journey Continues . . .
Although Team Wooha has now completed their ride across America, the journey continues. On Saturday afternoon of August 13, 2011, Karey, along with his parents, manned a tent at the Waldensian Festival (see last photo) held in Valdese, NC. Once again, their purpose for being there was to continue educating people about the need for clean drinking water around the world, with a special emphasis in Ethiopia.

You Can Still Help
Although their trip across America has come to an end, the journey to help continues; please visit: to lend your support.

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